Go this new item

first of all hello im new to this forum i just got this item and it looks pretty decent so i was wondering are the any builds around this

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  1. Change it’s element to Shock so that you have higher chance of playing the shock debuff on enemies and boosting damage dealt to them.

  2. Use the Wrath Talent. So that you have a 100% chance of placing the Ascendent debuff on enemies every 2 seconds.

This allows you to boost both yours and your hierling’s damage without requiring the Ignore Resist Affix. It will also greatly amplity Wizards with the Astral Talent.

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Nice item you have here. It’s the closest thing to perfect roll affixes i’ve seen on an eternal item. Nice catch.

You’ve heard master Clogon’s advice go and do it now.

so luck at explosive

That shit is almost perfect daaang! Still hunting that item for ASCENDENT project. Hope I can get something like that with 10k elemental dmg ang 50% edmg and that explosive psh.