Going to higher floor

Im stuck at floor 200 , then what i have to do to get higher floor?

U must play challenge maps!

You can buy them in shop if you don’t have one for some gold.

Is it every map that cartho drop?

Wich item i have to buy?

Not item, just the map, to be able to goo higher than floor 200.

If its map that cartographer drop , then how much map i have to play? I think i have open a lot of maps

Is it need a lot? , then is higher map can make me faster to go higher floor?

If you do the lv200 map, the cartographer at the end drops 201. Do that map, cartographer will drop 202. Just keep going up that way.

Thanks for ur info xD

find cartographer then kill it. you will find a map then use it :smile:

Only carto in floor 200?

There’s a cartographer in every map past floor 200. Once killed he will drop the next floors map. Keep in mind the maps dropped are of the same difficulty you started with. That means if you bought a map on floor 200 while playing Very Easy, every map dropped from playing the maps that follow are going to be Very Easy, so choose wisely because you can’t change the difficulty later. I learned this the hard way when having to start at 200 again because I was doing Mythic 3 difficulty and eventually things got too tough for me.

Also note, you can change the affixes on maps with Larimer crystal. I do this on all Skyfall, TNT Props and On Hit Nerf maps (hate those three). Every 25 maps completed will earn you a Legend Map (red) loaded with awesome map affixes :wink:

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Then wich difficult are you now? After change from M3 ?

Actually retooled my wizard and have gone back to EP8/mythic 3.

Are we cant to choose any level above floor 200 , although after we beat it?

If you mean once you beat a floor above 200, are you able to later select it? No.

So we have to always save a map if want to get there?

I buy a spare map from the shop every ten or twenty floors as a back up. But as mentioned, once you beat the cartographer you get the map to the next floor.

You can also “convert” a map to make it change to a higher floor (up to the highest you have ever been).