Going to higher floor

OK that I didn’t know! :wink:
Although I just tried it (at 75k a try) on a map I bought in shop and it raised to floor 397, then 398 after I tried again on same map. Right beside it I have a map of same difficulty for floor 403. So it doesn’t take you to the highest you’ve been, but up to it, within a few.

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Not necessarily within a few. But you can always convert it again…and again…and again.

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Yeah I know. Might cost you 500k to get to where you were, but it’s still way better than grinding my way back to where I was :wink: thanks!

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If you have dealer on your hireling 500k quickly becomes a non-issue.

Actually I don’t have dealer perk, but an EP8 floor 200 map with pack size over 100% earns me 500k with my gold find :wink:

You should get it on hireling! Almost no downside.

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Wait… dealer perk on hireling? Would that mean I’d have to pass things to the hireling before selling them or would his perk work selling from main characters inventory?

Don’t pass items, just sell them. You will get 120k+ for one bag page but it’s not worth your time to pass the items.

@Msiiek sooo. … yes then? A hirelings dealer perk affects the sale items price on my main? In other words, if my main is wizard (no dealer perk), and my hireling is warrior (with dealer perk), an item that would normally sell for 1500 gold on my main will be worth 15k?

No, unfortunately this only affects your hireling. You would need dealer on your main too if you want to sell items with him for better price. But for me it’s not worth passing the items to get more from them.

Basically, once you have it on hireling you will get so much gold just from selling hireling items that there is no rush to get it on main too.