Gold Farming Warrior + DPS Wiz Hireling?

I’m using this build now. My question is can my Warrior (Main) take higher floor with farming item stats? I’m still new in this game, my Wizard is meteor build and can 1 hit most of the normal mobs and sometimes bosses.

Fustigate talent will make you immune for couple of seconds, so as long as your wizard can kill the things you can always go higher :slight_smile:

cool! Totally missed that talent. Thank you! :smiley: My Wizard is a pure glass cannon, he can 1 hit things but he also dies when stared by a monster lol.

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Im using that talent with whirlwind and mobs don’t even hit me. Only epic+ do sometimes.

Yes all of the characters are capable of having gear that is capable of handling high floors with full farm stats on them :smile: :+1:

But mythic monsters can be a bit of a problem for me if not with hireling :smiley:

Thanks for the quick reply guys! I’m having fun farming on higher floors now. :smiley:

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