Gold farming

So I have max Magic, Gold, Item drop but I don’t know how people are pulling 1-2m per run, I’m running lvl 181 m3 and I range 150k-350k I’m not using the shop boosts
Run 1 256k
Run 2 347k
Run 3 332k

are you running challenge maps? I only have 550 gold find and I pull 500-600k in mythic 1 lvl 150~ challenge maps. With an Imp pet.

Ah I need to run challenge maps for more gold?

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Yes sir. Indeed. I stick with mystic 2 myself. 3 isn’t gonna be that much more.

Mythic 3 is used for items not gold I believe.

Been doing mythis 3 since floor 1, lots of crystalline, legends,a and Eternals in the 170 floors I have done. To the point I am converting crystal drops and eternal drops regularly to get ultra rare crystals. Also converting mythics for high mythstone. Just my pennyou worth

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Ok that make sense. Guess I got something g to look forward to at higher floors An difficulty. Thax for that lil tip