Gold guides out there?

Hi guys, its me againnn :smiley: i was just wondering if there is any good gold farming guide out there? i’m not sure what to build, im like so poor

You can just max Gold Find to 650% + Treasured feat for a max of 850% gold find. Gold just drops crazy. Just dont think of getting it fast.

  1. Max gold find 850%
  2. Buy Floor 200 maps
  3. Save those rare maps that you got
  4. If the rare maps doesn’t have pack size % then convert the affixes and reroll until you got a good % (I stop if I got 120% or above)
  5. Play those maps

I could get a 1 million to 2 million each map.
However, this is advisable if your device can handle pack size

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Get the dealer perk it is extremely powerful when trying too specifically earn lots of gold

Any specific build you know of? because i cant imagine i would be able to kill monsters with just gold find% right? by the way is it mythic 3 maps? whats the cheapest way to get 850 gold find?

Yeah thats the problem hahaha im lvl 99 but got no money to ascension, also i haven’t finished my build yet its only half way

There’s no specific build. Just get % gold in your gears. Max your fortune hero skill.

I have done this with a warrior then I have a rogue hireling who deals damage. Then play with mythic 3 floor200 maps

If you’re only playing with one character then just sacrifice those 6 affix slots for gold find. That wouldn’t hinder your character that much

Just play a lot and forget your life as a productive human

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yeah but i dont even do much damage even as now, i only do 2m crit max. the monsters hit so high on me, if i sacrifice 6 affix from each item, i’m not sure i i cna even survive haha. i’m a wizard by the way also to get another character slot i need to buy it.

This game is liek a drug, i’ve already forgotten what cocaine taste like already. Not that i’ve ever taken cocaine though hahaha. This stuff is better than drugs :smiley:

You aim for gold.
You dont need much damage, then.
Say that you have 450% gold find and luck on gears.
You just hv to farm on 100-200, or 200-300, with legend difficulty. And you’ll get what you aim.
Say that you have 500% gold find and luck on gears.
You just hv to farm on 100-200, or 200-300, with epic difficulty, which is faster.
And so on.

And when you get what you need. Build for damage gears is way ez. Build, and reach the higher floors.

Just another suggestion anyway

Wait i thought Ktl09 meant, capping gold find at 850% with just items? So can i just get 75% for each affix on each gear? that will only be 380 though, it doesn’t reach 400%. but it will still be fine right? i’m playing at mythic 3 with challenge maps and i clear fairly fast. but dont take damage really well.

If you have the perk. Go, max it for the effectiveness of the perk you have.

I mean like this.
Say that you havent got the perk that allow you have 850% goldfind(forgot the name)
Say that you have 75% goldfind x 6gears. It will be 450% goldfind.(Because you cant afford goldfind crystal affix)
And 450%+350%(mythic 3 goldfind)
It would be 800% goldfind. There, 150% goldfind on your gears is wasted.
But if you play at legend difficulty(+200%), it would be 650%, which is most effective, because you can reach higher floors(less enemy power), because you can finish floors faster(less enemy health).
Except you aim for such items that only drop in mythic 3, or you aim for more exp, or you like challenge.

Just another suggestion anyway

If your running mythic 3 you can reach 650% gold find with 1 obsideon affix of gold find one nature of greed and 20 points in the heroic skill of luck that way you only need too sacrifice 1 affix

Okay, i see! Thank you for your help

obsidian is too expensive for me haha, i think i will just go with dadanbecak’s idea. Thank you though :slight_smile:

yes, forget being productive and just play DQ…

I got ascension today, took the dealer perk. I am klsdfksdf rich now!! :smiley:

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Niiiiiice :grin: glad you got there offers you a high five for thine achievery

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