Golems Cheap Hireling Ascending Gear


Level 1 Staff w/ Twister: Poison
30% Experience (MS)
+5 all Skills (MS)
30% Weaken (MS)
+50% Damage (MS)
+1 EAC (Epic)
2.6% Toxic (Epic)

Level 1 Orb w/ Smoke Bomb: Fire
30% Experience (MS)
+5 All Skills (MS)
30% Weaken (MS)
+50% Damage (MS)
2.6% Immolate (Epic)
+1 EAC (Epic)

Level 1 Robe: Fire
30% Experience (MS)
30% Weaken (MS)
15% Attack Speed (MS)
10% Crushing Blow (MS)
2.6% Immolate (Epic)
54 MP Regen (Epic)

Level 1 Hat: Fire
Harmony (Mythic)
30% Experience (MS)
30% Weaken (MS)
15% Reduced CD (MS)
2.6% Immolate (Epic)
10.4% Bleed Damage (Epic)

Level 1 Ring: Poison
40% Experience (MS)
30% Weaken (MS)
10% Movement Speed (MS)
10% Crushing Blow (MS)
2.6% Toxic (Epic)
10.6% Crit Damage (Epic)

Level 1 Necklace: Poison
Sanctuary (Mythic)
30% Weaken (MS)
40% Experience (MS)
10% Movement Speed (MS)
2.6% Toxic (Epic)
2.6% Dodge (Epic)

Level 100 Epic Pet: Hound: Poison (just noticed it was Shock, and changed it to Poison)
10% Deadly Strike
10% Bleed Chance
5,000 Poison Damage
30% Weaken
15% Attack Speed
75% Crit Damage

except for a few Myth Stones, this is an easy and cheap build expressly made to get experience to Ascend my Hirelings. when I am done Ascending my Wizard Hireling, next is 2 Rogue and 2 Warrior Hirelings, just have to Jasper the items. since my Main is a Farm Build, I just farm Floor 110 on M3 and am getting lots of Crystals for later, and the Hirelings don’t die all that much, and are cheaper to respawn than the main. when I am done Ascending the Hirelings, I can remove the Myth Stones for other Builds.
my Stat points are 25 each for HP/MP, and the rest into Power. Hero Points went into Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, and Fortune. Natures are what ever you want.
Cheap and Easy, and 1 set of Gear that gets the Hireling from Level 1 to 99. on my way to the 4th Perk and not spending a ton of resources to Ascend a Hireling.

Edit: yes, the items are all Level 1, except for the pet. I don’t level them up at all, just keep them at Level 1.


Like it :slight_smile: I constant recycle mythstones


Hunter ring on your main are good for hireling levelling too


my Main has all the Perks, so I don’t really need the Hunter Ring. if I was leveling a Main and Hireling together, I would do things differently. I tried that before when I first got DQ and a second Character Slot, but didn’t like the results. getting one Toon maxed out on Perks and levels first seems like a better way to level up and Ascend the other Toons as Hirelings. at least I think so.


My mistake was having 2 characters joint ascending then suddenly realising spiralling costs


I was still learning the game, and Ascending 2 Toons while learning the game was real hard for me. and since I was trying out different builds for both Toons, I never had enough loot to craft good items for either of them. I was thinking about doing that again, but it is much easier to Ascend the Hireling with a Veteran Toon as the Main. I don’t have any experience boosts on the main, only the Hireling, but the Hireling is leveling pretty fast compared to when I was Ascending the Main.


I would advice any new player to ascend one character only


have you seen Griffins Ascension Rainbow?


Lol no. Is it a guide ?


no, check out Ascension Rainbow. Griffin Ascended each of his Characters to each of the different frame colors. it looks cool.


The manasheild is op


it all depends on the build. I have some ideas for making one, but it is a tricky build, especially for higher floors. and there are some players in the Battle Arena with Manashield builds that I have a hard time with. I have made a few myself, but none that have made me proud of crafting it. I still have a ways to go.


where can u get lvl 1 items? and also do u have to have good runes to make these items for the hirelings?


@dshin925 go back to floor 2. you will get level 1 gears.


what is MS and EPIC ? so do i need to farm lvl 2 until i can find 4-5 socketable items? if i dont have enough gems to like add sockets or whatnot


@dshin925 you can get level 1 items from floor 1 or 2 as loot from monsters, or try buying them from the shop. when you have a level 1 character, use the level 1 items they come equipped with. since you can use items up to 2x your characters level, if you get Legend items from the Codex using Dust with your level 1 character, the Legend items will be level 2, and usable by your level 1 character.
MS: Myth Stone
CS: Crystal Stone
Normal, Magic, Rare, Epic, Legend, Crystal, Mythic, Eternal: depending on what you are talking about, they refer to the Tier, or Ranking, of Monsters, Items, Battle Arena League, how many Perks you have gotten, Maps, Difficulty Level. Crystal only applies to Items.
Items with Sockets: for new players, you would have to find items with sockets to make a build like the one I posted. I made a different build that was all Myth Stones and Mythic affixes, but I made both of these after I have been playing for a long time and had the Crystals to put in my own Sockets. new players in the early game will eventually have access to the 8 lowest Crystals and Myth Stones, and can learn how to Craft (modify) their Gears (items) with them. that is what I did. what I did was make a set of level 1 Gears for my Hireling to level him/her up, without having to make 3 sets of Gears at different levels (levels 1, 40, and 100). the problem with the equipment I shared here is that at level 1, the Epic affixes are all low, because affixes scale by the level of the item they are on. Myth Stones are Max values, but you need a socket to use them. basically, you use what you find. a farm build with Luck (650% is max, 850% if you have the Fortunate Perk, even higher if you use the Epiphany Set) can make it easier to get items with 2-5 Sockets. umm, I am not sure if you could get an item with 4+ Sockets on the lower floors. you could try, but the problem is your character leveling up as you farm, which is why you farm first with your Main character for what you need, then get your Hireling so you can Craft the items it needs. in the worst case scenario, just delete your Hireling, and start it over at level 1, and use the level 1 equipment it starts with. when you get better at farming and have access to the Crystals that give you Sockets, you can use them for any Hireling you have later.