Google Play Games to sync save state

Well title says it all.
I get it that it may be difficult or impossible to get all features you want implemented with this (I read here about ppl having multiple save states for different devices, just multiple builds etc) for me it would be REALLY convenient if it would just sync across my devices automagically with Google Play Games. In fact that was why I signed in to your game with Play Games, just to be disappointed that most features still dont work and require an “DQ Account”. I don’t really care about mail and all that jazz, i just want it so I can pick up any device and play on where I left off. And I don’t want to sign up (to yet another thing) when I ALREADY signed up with play games. AFAICT it only does some achievement stuff right now.
I do realize that I just created a forum account to complain about it whereas I could have just as easily created a DQ account and be done with it. But in fact I think most ppl who think like me will just drop the game or just play on one device and not bother with any of this. Me personally, I like to keep stuff in one place (ie play games) and not have to sign up or worse remember stuff for each game (it’s a mobile game after all). And the forum account is throwaway anyway if you couldn’t tell by my name already :wink:
Thanks for your time reading this and for your consideration.


Yea I have already made this suggestion in. A way. An I would love to have it auto save to devices when connected to the internet. But I can see a small flaw with that an with pple that has bad connections would lose that data. IMO.