Google play quests not counting

Since accepting the hunt red enemies quest on goigle play i have defeated 3 legend bosses and 1 mythic. None have counted towards the quest. I play on my galaxy note 4 and my galaxy tab A.

Not having the same problem here, presently 5/10. Also on note 4, so it’s not the phone.

those the quest accepted?

I have completed all others ok after accepting. I have accepted the hunt red enemy quest and am getting no credit for red enemy kills. Killed another today.

you need a help from the admin then

Boss monsters are not Legendary monsters.

But they have been red named monsters that i have killed.

I understand your confusion. Boss monsters however are not categorized as Legend monsters. You will need to kill 50 Epic monsters to unlock a Legend monster. I will ask the devs to change the colour of bosses.

I completed quests but when I tried to accept them, I didn’t get any boosts from it and it still wasn’t accepted. That’s why I given up on google play quests. I have completed them before and got the boosts from it and now I cant.

My legend monsters, and epic monsters are not counting either. Yes I am killing legends from spawning after killing my 50 epics. And my counts are higher than the quest text says.

The red monsters i have slain are indeed the ones that spawn from killing 50 shrine champions. I have never seen any other type of red monster. I killed another yesterday called warrior of ignis. If these are not the ones for the quest please clarify the ones i need and when and where they spawn plse

No those should count. I actually just completed this challenge a couple hours ago, so whatever the problem is, it’s not a general issue (ie other users affected). What have the devs said when you made a support ticket?

They are looking into it. Made sure i had latest google play version etc. Funny as all my other quests complete no worries. Just this one wont complete. Not the first time either. Accepted it 3 times over the last few months. Some credit for some but none this time round.