Got two eternal chests from PVP

So I’m guessing they’ll give me the top-tier green items?

Any suggestions for what I do with them? I’m only lv51 right now. If I wait until I’m a higher level to open eternal chests, will I get better items from them?

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Wait till level 99 to open, since the items scale your level. I mean, if you have “luck” of getting an eternal trophy on them, it will be just of level 52, which means you will have almost half of your max trophy stats.

@off: dat nickname lol

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Wait, what is “eternal trophy”? Is that an item?

What are trophy stats? xD

(Btw I just unlocked fire aura. I can’t find it in the shop. Where do I get it?)

Thanks for the quick reply btw!

Look on your character vanity tab. In your inventory you see the gear / pets / vanity tabs to the left of screen

Trophy Stats = Affixes. Only obtainable via Arena Chests.

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Woaaaaah. That’s sick.

Oh. If I “unlocked” it, I don’t have to buy it anymore? It’ll just be in my “vanity” tab?

What is sick lol?


That’s awesome*

They are right wait till lvl 99 before you open chests to max out all the lvls of the item you will get.

Right I’m ope ing no chests till level 99