Graphics issues

:unamused: hello I just started playing the game. The very first time I played the game worked perfectly. When I closed and tried to play the game again later it would not open, it would just go to a black screen and eventually shut my device down. Upon rebooting my device I am able to open the game, however once I get in game on a floor the colors are all messed up. It seemed like when I was stationary the screen would be yellow and when moving it changed from blue, green etc. Now it seems that certain areas are different colors and they change as I move through them. I am unable to see boxes barrels grass and the edge of the path. I have a samsung stratosphere is this game just incompatable?model number is sch-i405

Try to uninstal and try then again of it didnt fixed try to delete ur char and make a new one first upload it to the cloud to not to lose anything.