[Greedling build reveal] [ManaShield] [PvP] [Rank 1]

This is a place holder for now I will be showing this off once the 2.3 patch hits and what made it so ridiculously powerful is patched :smile: all of you who understand the pun are awesome :wink:

wow when will be the release of 2.3 patch?

A week ago.

im android user and it says at playstore it is even in my device

I thin he meant the update will be week from now :smile:

No, I meant a week ago.

The convention on time travel will also be held then.

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Yeah I updated 5 days ago…

Skaul is being what we call a “troll” :stuck_out_tongue: but ad of now their is no set release date for 2.3 it is simply in the works :smile:

that troll :joy: so you guys are now working on 2.3 patch?

Yes the 2.3 patch is currently in the works it is early in it’s development however :smile:

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I propose to fix all the bugs before do another update :blush:

Fixing every bug will always be impossible I’m sure there are some that aren’t even known of yet on the current patcg but bug fixes will always be a priority

ill wait for a good result on those bugs it :smile: before on it some player having a problem on game btw can I ask how many of you are doing the test?

@Griffin012 is there any surprise waiting for us this upcoming patch?

None that I’m gonna talk about :wink:

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Infinite items for everyone.

If you play 24/7.

Because that’s the only way you’re gonna get infinite items.

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Lol. This reply is 10/10 ign awesome. R8 8/8.

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LOL I would definitely agree with @CuzegSpiked :joy: