Green poison dart shooter -- how did I do this?

I have somehow created a combo that I both love, yet want to modify.

The MH attack shoots green poison (not a cloud, but a distance shot), often with arrows included. I’m just not sure what combo makes this occur.

MH is Fate’s Travesty of Wisdom, with Poison element and Knightscharge. Special 1 seems to throw arrows and do a “skyfall”.
OH is a Shield of Thorns, with fire element and Groundstomp. Special 2 seems to throw arrows and do a groundstomp.

I really like the Special 1 being a “whirlwind”. I just don’t want to lose that whole poison shooting ability. Also, if I find enemies that are poison resistant, can I change the element to fire and shoot fire?

I really want to make something out of this, and don’t want to break the parts I like. I’m trying to determine WHAT makes the Primary MH skill throw poison.

Okay, I did some testing and it looks like my helm is the cause of the spraying of the poison. It has a (1) Spell Sword. Is that possibly the cause? Without that helm, the Knightscharge seems to behave like expected.

Yup. Thatll do it.

Just for future rediscovery…

Spell Sword causes a comet to be shot when the attack button is pressed.

Living Force causes the projectile to be returned causing 50% additional damage on the way back. The return occurs to the position it was fired from, not where the hero actually is. So, movement of the hero has no impact on where the projectile returns to.

I believe it is Wrath that causes the arrows/axes/whatever to be thrown. It doesn’t occur on every attack, but does on a good percentage of them.

Of course, have an element too as the comet carries the element for additional damage.