Greeting! Hello Everyone!


Hello! Just want to say that me and my girlfriend love this game. We are already level 80+.
and trying to collect mythstone to combine and make mythic items. :slight_smile:

Hope to learn more! By the way I’ve been constantly reading on this forum from time to time.
Just now I decided to join in the forum and planning to make friends with everybody. :slight_smile:


welcome to our beloved community.


I am also a newbie here and hoping to learn a lot about this game.




Welcome. Im also newbie too!:blush::blush: but im about 10months to playing this game. Trying to found my best build.:slight_smile:




Welcome aboard!

Even though I’ve played this game for about 2 years, you never stop learning something new to try…which makes it more interesting


Thank you everyone! I had this app for almost a year. Most of the time we play it together with my partner. its pretty fun. I also hope we can have a duo feature where we can invite someone online and play together on a map.


Been playing since last July. The game definitely rocks. Can’t wait for the sequel


Indeed. I played since 2015 and I still enjoy it. Not many mobile games I know that can come close really and I love it!