Griffin's Smithery: Armour

##Griffin’s Smithery: Armour##

Hello and welcome too this Griffin’s Smithery post on Armour :grin: as always these Griffin’s Smithery topics are currently a WIP

Update on Griffins Smithery posts Weapons, Armour, and Heroic Skills: My tablets currently in too get fixed up so for the last day I’ve been catching up on some much needed sleep but I am back too work now unfortunately I forgot too send my self the Wizards armour photos but I have the rest so until I get my tablet back the armour section will be missing the wizard stuff but the period my tablet is in for will allow be too get some fleshing out of topics done :smile:


Warrior armour has give’s 1500 armour per piece at maximum quality



1.5% elemental damage per rank


A 15% buff too your all spell resists stat per rank. This talent is insanely powerful in PvP being as strong as a set affix at buffing all resists and is the thing that single handedly makes warriors the most powerful PvP class by a long shot. This ability is not currently meta but long term most likely will be as far as I can tell from my dabbling in the damage reduction calculations and in a couple months it may be advisable too add ranks of elemental weaken into builds as elemental weaken reduces resists by 50%


Increases damage from shields by 5% of your %chance too block an attack per rank


Increases your armour stat by 1.5 points per stat point you have spec-ed into health per rank


Equipping a sword or axe buffs your critical hit damage by 2.5% per rank this buff is additive not multiplicative


An enemy that is bleeding will take an extra 1.5% damage per rank



2.5% chance per rank too cast charge on attack


Blocking an attack has a 2.5% chance too purge all negative effects and heal 15 HP per rank


Gain a 2.5% chance per rank too cast ShieldWall when you successfully block an attack there is a 2 second cooldown on shield wall casts.


1.5% chance per rank too cast Taunt on attack


Increases the damage of the bleed DOT’s by 1.5% per rank


1.5% chance per rank too stun enemy’s on hit



When you are above 75% of your maximum HP as your current HP you get .5% move speed and 1% damage per rank


Enemy’s that have an elemental effect on them boost your MP regen by 25% per rank (currently unsure if this will go above the normal cap if this effect affects the Druidic set the answer is most likely no if it does not then it may go over the cap I will be testing this later)


Blocking an attack buffs your chance too block by .5% per rank this effect is additive not multiplicative


Reduces the damage you take by 1% of your chance too block attacks per rank


2.5% chance per rank too cast toss on attack


Enemies with the bleed DOT on them have a 1.5% chance per rank too miss instead of deal damage too you when an attack hits you. With 4 affixes invested this can be an invaluable asset when floor climbing too extreme heights on a warrior as you may reach 60% chance for your enemy too miss 60% chance for you too block attacks and 60% chance too dodge attacks buffing your survivability further when in permanent 1 shot territory



Using off hand skills will heal you for 1% of your maximum HP per rank this is exceptional in particularly tanky PvP builds


Periodically deals damage too nearby enemy’s for 0.2% main hand damage per rank this will not break props


4% chance per rank too trigger your reflect damage on successfully blocked attacks and not just when attacks successfully deal damage too you


1.5% chance per rank too cast Fear on attack


Heals you for 0.1% of your maximum HP whenever you deal bleed damage too an enemy per rank


While you have a bleed DOT effect on an enemy buff your move and attack speed by .5% per rank

Rogue armour gives 750 armour per piece at maximum quality



Buffs attack speed by 1% per rank while you have a bow equipped


Buffs the duration and damage of your traps by 2% per rank


Will update with testing


When an enemy is hit with the skill SmokeBomb their resists are reduced by 1.5% per rank


Increases the speed of chakrams by 2.5% per rank this is useful for getting chakrams back too you faster so that you may use them again


Extra and multi attacks get a 1.5% damage buff per rank



2.5% chance per rank for attacks that register as a critical hits too stun enemies


2.5% chance per rank when you use the skill MirrorImage too cast an additional MirrorImage


Bullets that have ricocheted get a 7.5% damage boost per rank


2.5% chance per rank too cast SmokeBomb again after casting SmokeBomb


Boosts damage while stealth is active by 2.5% per rank. this skill is very important for permanent stealth rogues as while stealth is active you deal -50% damage


Dmg dealt too an enemy is buffed by 2.5% of their missing HP percentage per rank



Gain a 2.5% chance per rank for traps too root enemy’s on hit. Roots lock an enemy in place for 3 seconds this will not prevent enemy’s from using any teleport like skills too move however


While you have MirrorImages active enemy’s have a 1.5% chance too miss per rank. currently this is outclassed by the Permanent stealth that rogues are capable of which provides them with a permanent 100% chance too dodge attacks


Projectiles now have a 1.5% chance too cause knockback per rank


Heal 20HP when you successfully dodge an attack per rank. this skill is essentially useless


Buff the damage of chakrams by 10% per rank when they are returning too the player


4% chance per rank too trigger your reflect damage on successfully dodged attacks and not just when attacks successfully deal damage too you



The duration your MirrorImages survive for is increased by 1% per rank


1% chance per rank for projectile attacks too spawn a trap on hit


Buffs the critical damage of your next attack by 10% per rank when you successfully dodge an attack


Gain a 1.5% damage buff per rank against enemy’s with the blinded effect placed on them


Gain a 1.5% chance per rank too cause a bleed DOT on hit


Boosts deadly strike chance by 1% per rank


Any update for the wizard talents?

Soon™ the smithery needs a large overhaul in the near future I’ve just been too busy and lazy too put the time in to do it :smile:

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