Grinding Mythstones

Uhh…Guys How Do you Find Rare Mythstones like Haste,ect. ?

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Mythstone farming is a lot like Crystal farming, except they don’t start dropping until floor 21. also, each Mythstone has a minimum floor they will drop on. just click on the MS and on the lower left it will show Lvl number. Haste is found on Floor Level 45 or higher.

high luck will help higher Tier MS to drop.

higher Tier monsters, especially Legend & Mythic, have better chances to drop higher Tier MS.

at floor 100, 200, 300, 400, and 500, the higher Tier MS have a chance to drop the same as the next lower MS for every 100 floor, up to floor 500, at the cost the lower Tier MS. so at floor 100, all MS have a chance to drop the same as the next lower MS while the lowest MS doesn’t drop. at floor 500, all MS have the same chance to drop as the MS 5 lower while the 5 lowest MS don’t drop.

Treasured Perk increases the chance for higher Tier MS to drop.

Mythical Set increases the chance of higher Tier MS to drop.

you can buy Common, Rare, and Ultra Rare Mythstones in the Shop, but the rarer they are, the more Gold you need spend.

you can spend Gold to upgrade 2 Mythstones to 1 of the next higher Mythstone. the higher the Tier you are upgrading, the more Gold you need to spend. you could Convert 2 Endow to get 1 Haste. or you could downgrade 1 MS to the nest lower MS. you could Salvage 1 Death to get 1 Haste.

high Gold Find goes well with high Luck for a Farm Build. Item Drop can cause more Items to drop.

hope this helps.

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Floor 500 ish is were you can drop all mythstones. Do it on easy level. Higher difficulty levels are a grind. And quite frankly, ive dropped my best mythstones on easy difficulties and found diminishing rewards after. Hope it helps