Grinding Trophies

Okay so I’ve grinded to eternal league in 1v1 and 2v2 and converted quite a number of epic chests to legend as well as opened a lot of epic chests. I’ve recieved 1 epic trophy and 1 gladiator piece. Those are the only notable items. People are getting ridiculously hard to beat in 2v2 so I grind out 1v1 but it takes so long and its a money sink. Idk how I’m supposed to keep this up with a weak epic trophy when I have 4 viable pvp characters versing quality pvpers with legend/eternal trophies and damn good Ai settings. Any suggestions?

tl;dr the grind for trophies is immensely long… 1 epic trophy per win - 20 = 1 legend - 20 legend = 1 eternal… do the math TT_TT

No pain no gain mate :slight_smile:

I’ve seen one guy with 2 eternal trophies, I would’ve reported him as a cheater but everyone tells me that it has to look fake for them to get banned. If 2 eternal trophies doesn’t look fake to you… lol

Ur math is wrong,
its better looks like that: 20 epic chest to 1 legend = 250k gold. 20 legend to 1 ethernal = 10kk gold :grimacing:

i got 3 eternal trophy… ummm im cheater.? lol…u joking right haha.

That’s even more depressing!! Lol