Guess What..?

so… here i am go hunting for enslaver to get my legend pet… then this thing drop… and at map lvl 21… what a lucky guy i am… or it is bug…??

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Its possible, its rng’s blessing :+1:

you’ve been blessed for your hard work ^^

I’ve been trying to get that, nice find :smile:

although it does get annoying sometimes…i get like 3 of those in 2 maps and i already have an ‘edited’ one

GG! still looking for the amulet myself… Dont have the +2 skill mythstone either. Need more hours of grinding that farm!

always buy that 5M mythstone from vendor. it’s worth it

WELL… if this not bugged… then just go to lvl 21 map… i go there to hunt for enslaver… coz that map actually smaller than high lvl map… under a minute you can already roam all the map… rinse and repeat…