Guidedshot yolo build

guidedshot crushing crit build, potentially safe if attacks at max range.
that eternal bow is from the first warrior axe, chance of getting crystal attack speed affiex seems to be a bug? also are there better weapon then this one.
question on a set, demonic vs frozen vs momentum?

You can have a crystal affix in an eternal item as long as it is in the pool of obsidian crystal. Frozen is good if you plan on taking up 1000+ floors. If you combine frozen and crushing flames u can one hit a cluster of mobs. Also why do u have masochism??? U cant make use of its bonus dmge from losing health since u will be one shotted by the mobs. 30% crushing blow is enough. Any of it is excessive and useless. Takes up affix slot space.

thx i’ll try with lower crushing blow. what should I replace with?
one rank of strength’s hp regen will keep hp below 50% for masochism at 99% glasscannon

I’ve dropped some nice eternal things with crystalline stats

You can try putting another 100% frostbiting and some points on talent (mutilate, relentless or deadeye). You need to have at least 4hp in order to get the bonus damage from masochism if you are planning on glasscannon. And i dont know whats the exact % of glasscannon you must have.