Guys what do you prefer “BRUTAL–x3 crit damage of deadly strike” or “SKILLED-damage increase 50% primary weapon”?

Need some suggestions…

Brutal is for deadly strike, I believe, not crit itself. I’m not sure if Guided Shot counts as a primary, though. However, if it does, Skilled is very good.

Brutal, needs more investment. Crit chance then deadly strike. If I could spare more affixes on a set I can go to this route. The high damage is a chance of a chance though.

Skilled is consistent dmg and doesn’t need another affix for it to work.
I normally have skilled. :smile:

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Does the used weapon’s normal attack count as a primary? I assume so, but I’m not sure.

Yeah, Any first skill of a weapon.

For example for rouge
MH - Quick attack, Guideshot, Boomerang, Ricochet.

OH - Laytrap

The 2nd skill at the top is special skill Like blinkstrike, whirling blades.


Thanks for clarifying. :smile:

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:smile: i go for skilled… tnx!!!

what about sureshot?

Hmmm. what do you prefer

Extra Attack Chance or Multi Attack??

Multi attack is 100% chance of multi attack for 50% dmg.
EAC = 50% chance to an extra attack to do 100% dmg.

I mostly go with Multi attack so it’s always present.
If you could use both I think it’s ok as well. But depends really if you can afford extra affix slots. :smile:

nah can’t afford extra slot, I’ll go with Multi Attack. :grin:


Timewarp=offhand attack is added to mainhand attacks?

Timewarp= Increase projectile damage by 50% of that X projectile damage. let say your guidedshot deal 3k damage in arena with timewarp increase 50% damage mean u will deal 4.5k.

Thats great.

Tnx for Clarifying