Im confuse of what is the meaning of redirect in guidedshot skil … At lvl20 = +2 redirect at lvl 30 = +3… Does redirect mean number of enemies the arrow bounces?

Yes. It used to redirect much more, but guided shot received a much deserved nerf in the 2.1 update.

Really nerf? So icant imagine unnerf guidedshot lol .hmm… Well the piercing is fun and guided arrow easier to play … Are u some kind of admin skaul? Sorry im new here

Sort of. Moderator without the fancy “DQMods”. :wink: Same as @f00kee and @CuzegSpiked.
Wish I had the fancy title, though. :smile:

Oh now i get it why u and people u mentioned… I always see der names replying on threads … Though im not realy knowledgable about modirators work haha … Tnx for answering anyway … D u guys still playin the game? Or just handling forum? Just curious

I think I’m the only active person on the forum who doesn’t actively play DQ. I get disinterested in games quickly due to my ADD. I still play, but rarely. I much prefer MMOs, even though I can’t play them due to my internet situation.

Lol i cant believe ur disinterested haha . cuz i saw the efforts of the guides u made lol … I thought ur inlove with the game. Same here i like mmo too i played ragnarok . flyff… DragonNest .i realy enjoy grinding … I think DQ pretty suit my style

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internet situation my butt. you’re just lazy. lol :stuck_out_tongue:

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I do love the game. I just can’t play games anymore for extended amounts of time.
And, yes, @ilidan371, that is true. I am VERY lazy, but I do have no internet. I live in the boonies, and I use the one or two bars of service I can get for data to stay on the forums.
Sad, isn’t it? :disappointed_relieved:
There’d be another excuse if I did have internet, though. :joy:

what’s the nerf for guidedshot?

The amount of redirects was decreased to one and it lasted too long for its speed (Distance should have been 25y, was 37.5y).

thanks for the info…so does that mean ricochet would be a better choice? i know it depends on the build, but generally would ricochet be better now?

Dunno. OP in different aspects and uses.

yes because it will bounce like crazy thing

oh so it was a good thing i like ricochet haha. i used to see crazy guidedshot builds before but i felt bad coz i like ricochet better especially with all the multi attacks and eac haha

it is a good weapon but it consume to much mp for me so I change to bow :blush: and sometimes im using dagger too

despite of nerf in guidedshot … i switch 3x ED 5000 to 2x+5 all skill and 2x +5 guidedshot to lvl 40 my guidedshot … i think bow still pretty OP … with +4 redirect i got no problem dealing with 100% pack size mob … still hitting billions rapid due to 4 multi-attack and guided redirect , pierced damage

yes guideshot is OP on packsize :blush:

Well bow is realy fun even carto wont last 3 sec lol. When im using gun when enemy at point blank range its kinda mising specially against slimes lol

Just want to clarify … Does ballista boost dmg apply on bow? And knock back dmg boost aply on propultion talent?