Guides and Explanations


Recently started uploading videos to YouTube to help another community, then I came back to DQ and decided to cover Dungeon Quest as well. I’ve received alot of positive feedback from the discord, so I thought I would share a link to the playlist for DQ I’m currently working on.

While it’s intended for new players, I also give in depth explanation of various mechanics found in game, most are from discord and just in general trying to help as many players as I can.

These videos contains no ads, they do contain live commentary, live gameplay, regular uploads daily, and my goal from the beginning will not change these videos are intended to help guide players and use a visual representation to explain a lot of features rather than text.

I do hope these videos will help or even attract new players to such a great game. I am a veteran of the game as well, but any and all feedback and suggestions, criticism is helpful so I can improve future guides and let’s plays of DQ.

Dungeon Quest Let’s Play Beginner Guide: