Guild and Guild Wars

How About 5 Online Players V.S 5 Online Players… Hope this will be add soon :smiley:

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this would be good but wont br viable to all players since it would be too lag having 5v5 lol (go2v2 then all 4 got cerebral vortex its feakin lag) then imagine 10players having cerebral vortex in 5v5 lol (not all players device can handle those lag ahha)

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Its not the games fault its your phone…

@mormszzz did i even mention its game fault? thats why put (not all players device can handle that much lag). even lot of players cant handle lags in 140-150% when using taunt skills /lots of proc skill build. (thats just a fact that most of the players playin this game will lag if der will be a 5v5 pvp)

5v5 with cereb, meteor and bombard will be a good game ops dont forget the cosmic orb lol

i know … im just saying lol the game is sooo smooth on my Iphone 6s plus

even for my huawei g700 on high settings :smiley:

Basic requirement for it is an OctaCore phone proccessor.

@mormszzz not everyone can afford iphone and high spec procesor cp.


focus at ghz fps ram rom :smile:

haha for me @mormszzz i just low the graphics to fight the lag (i only lag though in 130%+ pack maps whenever i use taunting skills or lure a lot of mobs) i wish i had a better phone lol