Guild, Clan or Tribe

Hello i’ll try again to suggest some new features about the game since we already having an arena battle for 1v1 and 2v2 how about we try a new battle system called "Guild War or Tribe War because of the title game Dungeon Quest

We can create our own tribe form a community and battle to other tribe extra feature about this is a chat for the tribe or global chat to communicate with other fellow dungeon quester

-hope this will help to create more suggestions and improve the game :blush:



Well it can’t be online play I hate to say. Steiger told me that they want to keep DQ offline play. So no community or towns for sure.

We can, just like arena can only access when your connected to internet about the join with team we can use messages to invite and accept

Yea hackers would be at the top of the list of winners. An it would be harder to find the ones that are. Simply because pple with the hackers would love to stay at the top an wouldn’t turn them in. An so the whole guild would be ban. I love this game the way it is as a whole. Keep it simple. An keep it offline.

i want to be at top. even if my ally is hacker i will report. but still i also disagree with this idea. not really necessary.

Yea I know you would. But I’m sure the rewards would he great enough o for others to say nay to turning them in. An I would love to be I it guild lolz!!

i think this won’t be happening anytime soon though coz originally dq was supposed to be offline and the arena was like idk an exception or something. you could ask the admins about it for a clearer explanation

This Idea still too far for this game, I would be happy if they just make new affixes & New boss faces And ofcourse loot incentives to those floor grinders :blush:

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new affix,
for farming
L.Affix: PackSize (Max roll 50%, cap 100%)

Obsidian: Remove weaken from crystal affix list and insert bleed chance and bleed damage in crystal ver.

@SteigerBox just some random idea pop up in my mind. lol


New Affixes will be implemented hehe. Patience :wink:



This is cool I just started so can I join the guild or do I have to do something

This was only feature suggestion. There are no clans it guilds currently.

about this suggestion they did not accept it
keep updated to the forum for more info about the game :)grin: