Guys, come on now... It's been long enough

I get it’s hard to make a good app. I couldn’t do anything close to what you guys do.

But please… It’s beyond time now… Put out new stuff. I am so fricken excited for what you guys have coming and I have no doubt it’s going to be the best there is but as it is now we just grind the same mobs with the same template, over and over. :frowning:


yes please. at least a preview or screenshot? everyone will be frenzy if you guys (Devs) give us a Preview of DQ2.


new content would be nice, but until then, why not try a new template to terrify the mobs with?

I am kind of going back to basics for a Farm Build to get some ideas for Crafting Golem’s Ultimate Farm Build, which I still haven’t found yet. I have Crafted a bunch of ideas, but they don’t quite do what I want them to do, which is to Farm like crazy and be Fun at the same time.

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We need a trailer devs :sunglasses: A teaser of things to come. Even a 30 second video :heart_eyes: ?

Well… okay. Guess vacation is over! :frowning:

But seriously, we’re still working and making progress. I definitely understand that it’s hard waiting, it’s hard for us too!


Even a screen shot will suffice :heart_eyes: . I cannot wait until the very nice players on here all become newbies again. That will be exciting. DQ2 like Diablo 2 could last over a decade. Yes and I did okay Diablo 2 for a decade :heart_eyes:

And it all be nice to play together.