Guys i need help

What is the exact map where o caj get jsolence
Plss help

it’s a random drop. no specific floor. However, to increase your chance, if you really just want insolence. farm arounf 150 - 200 to lessen to posibilities of dropping other items that you dont need. Personally speaking, i got 4 insolence farming 150-200. Oh, and of course you need lvl 5 Nadroji Set to increase your chance

I have 6set najori . hey dude if you remember what map u get the insolence?

Can’t remember but it’s always 150-200. It’s just a matter of luck = )

You have (6) Nadroji? I thought set values were capped at (5)?

Set value is capped at 8 ^^ which can be achieved by having duplicate Sets

You can only get +4 from the legend affix and Elixir mythstone, which takes you to (5). But you can include other pieces of gear with the same affix and get up to (8) as @f00kee said.

Actually i have +7 najori only crown is missing jejehe . guys can u tell me where is the exact map can i get easy and fast the insolence?

by spamming 190-200 floor i got 3 insolence

Ok i spamming 190-200 now