Guys is there a chance to get nadroji stuff and pet on Eternal reward box on pvp?

Ive seen some people has it Eternals


So do they farm it via challenge map? And which floor?

Look at codex

Oh i see
same with eternal pet right?

Eternal pet is by chance, kill enslavers

I wish :grin:


Don’t we all…

Thats freakin rare drop after beating up 150 enslavers to me forever to get it i guess :frowning:

Sir i found nadroji necklase does the ms zenith dont work on it?
I tried to put in to make set to +7 but it stays +5 after puting the ms
It is normal or bug?

Ms zenith is +2 multi attack, elixir is the ms that can give you +2 set number,

All Sets caps at 4. To get passed 5, you need the set on your gear.

I have nadroji accs that give + 2 set numbers but after putting up ms sets remain (5) instead of (9)

Its means the picture i saw it was an old version of the game that has (9) in each piece of stuff?

Nadroji ring and amulet mostly drop on epix difficulty floor between 131-150+ sometime if u’re lucky u can get helmet… My problems right now still hunting for nadroji chest