Guyys what du i get when i complete the seven deadlysins?

I mean is there somekind of reward?

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@deathGG Yes,there is.

Seven Deadly Sins set affix increases all % based affixes by (set affix rank*5)% of the said affix,but ignores +All Sets affix towards itself (it can only be Seven Deadly Sins (7) but not rank 8) and also ignores Crystal Affixes and Mythstone Affixes.

Each SDS gear has a negative set bonus and positive set bonus.These null each other to give you some bonus.

For example,a SDS gear can give you +250% Gold Find boost for having X amount of SDS sets,but it will also give you -100% Gold Find boost as well,making it a total of +150% if you have a good amount of SDS gear equipped.

It’s useless to do the following :

  1. Have Crystal Affixes on gear - These affixes ARE increased by the set effect,but it does NOT increase them technically.
  2. Have affixes from Mythstones on gear - Same as Crystal Affixes.
  3. Have any grade of affix that is not % based - Seven Deadly Sins set cannot increase affixes that are NOT percentage based,meaning that it won’t increase affixes like Extra Attack Chance,Multi Attack,Intelligence etc.
  4. Have +All Sets/+Set Number affixes - SDS set ACTUALLY prevents these sets from increasing other sets.That is what I found out when I put 6 SDS equipment and Jester pet.I always have Trickster (1) and Seven Deadly Sins (6).

Your best bet is to get percentage based affixes on all of the gears that would benefit you alot.

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Wow thanks that helped me alot hahah got the four sds… Im lacking 2 hahah it was a pretty easy find for me lol

What happens if i remove the affix lust, greed, envy etc? Will that ruin it?

@deathGG No worries,I have only the equipment,I just need the Merlin’s Imp pet.

If you are going to have them equipped,have ALL gears equipped.Because you will always have a downside until you wear the MH,OH,cap,armor,ring and amulet together.

Also,to answer to your new question,you cannot remove negative affixes OR positive affixes.

Kyanite allows you to destroy any affix that is Legendary or below,and also Set Affixes,but it cannot remove Set Bonus Affixes,Mythstone Affixes,Mythic Affixes and Crystal Affixes.

Quarts on the other hand,can remove all affixes.Unfortunate for you,SDS gear is so powerful that the game does not let you use Quartz.

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Amazing! Thanks so much sir u really helped me alot i really appreciate the effort!

@deathGG You’re welcome.If you want to ask something,don’t forget that you can ask me.

I might be new to this forum,but that doesn’t make me a noob in this game.

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Thank you sir @Epicskunk hahah nc name btw!

@deathGG Hehe,nice name for you,as well.

I like that animal.

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@deathGG Don’t forget.

All SDS equipment need at least Seven Deadly Sins (2) to profit you,but they are made in such a way that you need Seven Deadly Sins (6),which means all equipment slots,to not have any downsides.

The pet,I believe needs SDS (7).Dunno,since I never got the pet.


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Ok thanks for the tips!

Well, SDS really, for me it’s just for collection. Nothing special. Why? first you cannot put mythics. Second, those very bad negative affixes eats most of your slots which is the very downfall of this items. 3rd, You cannot add another set of affixes to buff this build. So, you better keep it for collection or you can spare them cause they can be useful in farming ( I bet it can only do 500 floor runs then higher than that you can do no more.

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Because i read it somewhere(i forgot) that u can have a certain item after collecting all SDS not sure if its true tho

for collection purpose :smiley:

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That’s wrong.

Just like every other equipment,you don’t get something out of collecting these equipment.

I bet what you heard is activating the bunoses :smile: well, Epicskunk is right tho. You don’t get something out of those equipments, just your bags being filled with 7 wasted items including Merlin’s Imp :laughing:

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@TYRON It’s not a waste,to be fair.

You can turn the equipment into proc machines.Like,procking nearly every spell you add each attack in PvE could be destructive.


still it would lack potential specially when you do not know where to put even 1 proc at a time and how to balance your affixes accurately. The scarcity of affix slots woulda be your biggest problem.

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