Hack account to test builds?

Is cheating on an alt account solely to test builds permitted?

I quit…

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ask the admins/devs…but i think their answer might be no

I could see it going either way, but I would think it would probably be okay. It wouldn’t give the legit account unfair benefits, it would just give the player experience on an accelerated basis. After all, they have decided to move cheaters to a cheaters league, rather than banning them or something of the sort, so they have made a clear decision not to take a super hard anti-cheating stance.

i could say it wasting time. well player can test with unlimited resources (CS&MS) but i dont think they can just get rare legend to test it on. basically they still need to farm with cheated acc for item. and when they do with their primary acc, they need to farm resources and the item. even after test with cheated acc. with primary acc, there will be like 75% chance player to get not needed affix when apply obsidian, high end crystal will be limited, so basically usually they will just abuse the game with their primary acc, and that not legit. get ban + Ă—2 time consume. only stupid do that.

Sorry this was hilarious. I am overworked haha.

I think if player can get pet with pack size they can probably get rare legendaries haha. Definitely though if you will still cheat on your main account the whole thing is stupid. Only point is to test build on alt account and make sure it doesn’t suck before spending 10000 hours getting cs/ms.

hahaha that what i try to explain lol. the whole thing will be just useless and wasting time for sure.

If you wanna spend the time getting into the game’s anti-cheat and being accused by other players on your “unaffected” account, go for it.

Not advocating. This whole post is just hilarious.

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I wouldn’t go to the extreme of making an alt account for hacking but I wish there were more resources that displays different builds, skills, mechanics. I want to know how the mythic skills work but I’m not going to use my ms on gear just to tinker with them. I tried googling/ you tubing majority of the mythic but the wiki is the only source for info and that doesn’t have videos or in depth information.
There are a lot of builds to be made. However, I feel majority of the players don’t venture out due to the heavy cost of crafting just to have it be less effective then something they could find on the forums that has been min maxed by the regulars that have a huge crystal stash. Help all the new/busy people learn by shining light via videos or something.

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In another perspective, using this method as a means of accelerating the learning curve of how the game works and seeing firsthand which works with which, is much more practical than reading the same shit over and over again and doing guesswork.

However, unless you farm like a madman and get massive resources for your stuff, your ideal build and real build will never go 1:1.

To conclude, farm like mad. lol

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