Harmony question

If paired with blood magic and life on hit, does harmony give a free 25% of the gained value as more hp? Since all my regen/ leech is turned into he equivalent.

well it say plainly “if you recover hp, 25% of recovered hp goes to mp recovering, and if you recovering mp, 25% of recovered mp goes to hp recovering” it goes without saying… since you bloodmagic don’t have mp… so you not recovering any mp… which you also not recover any hp from harmony perk, and if you recovering hp… there was no recovering goes to mp… in plain word… harmony for blood magic is just word saying “harmony” and had no use at all…

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I figured as much. Didn’t bother making the harmony piece.

Mods, is there a way to delete threads? If not, you guys can delete this since it is just wasting space now.

Yes, there is, but I don’t see any reason to delete this topic :slight_smile:
Don’t worry about wasted space. There are plenty of it.

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