Im using arcanist blood magic and activated ephany bunos!! It still up but my phone cant handle the number of mobs

Lol ha in not sure if many tabs can handle MIBs in this game

@anon83127038 with haunting bonus? or different build .

No, you do not. The Haunting set has one of the best Amulets in game. It’s not even one of the Rare or Ultra Rare Legends.

Ephany bonus and blood magic
I didnt use haunting bonus of that

@anon83127038 oh ok…i thought its all about haunting. xd anyway cool dps;) im just trying the haunting bonus and the fear effect. theres a lot great build here. enjoy the game;)

I ment to be able to use eternal ascendant neck that has like 22% clear cast and be able to use haunting ring. Ring you can get the socket but the neck doesn’t have one so can’t get all my stats with that set up. So close yet so far

Ya we kinda went in a random direction need in game chat like how diablo2 works or something! Think of the tings we’d come up with if we had easier chatting!