So guys i have some questions:
1if i have a 15k hp regen and 15k mp regen, is it possible that if i use alchemy my regeneration from bot will add to my lowest hp or mp ?

2. So i will show my way crystals, i want to ask if i can create a whole set with this crystals

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Nice stash. That’s similar to the crystal I have now. You can create many whole sets with that amount of crystals :slight_smile: .

Regen in alchemy is OP . Maybe not the best for PvE but you can give it a go in PvP and see.

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HP < MP = MP e HP Regen recover HP until you have more HP than MP
MP < HP = HP e MP Regen recover MP until you have more HP than HP

Confuse, but alchemy is confuse indeed.


Tnx, actually i am thinking a alchemy wizard build. That’s why i ask if the mp and hpregeneration with alchemy can be combined cause i was thinking of using both the druidic and permafrost dependant affix with alchemy. If you have some idea you can share im happy to hear it and would be thankful.

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TY for this info! So i expect that hp&mp on hits will function like the regen.

Good idea! Yes they can be combined and work very well together, even though they behave slightly differently but it’s so good.


Well im relieved that a pro player says it’s a good idea. XD , Tnx for the compliment!