Have you encountered name "wizard pvp'?

what can you say about his item?

i can’t defeat him!!! 800k HP and have a high power… all eternal items, i can’t show you the picture because my phone can’t screenshot…

In android press volume - and power button at the time. In IOS I don’t know

Why press volume and power button. It doesn’t do anything. It sounds like something to get into a boot menu.

For screenshot like for all devices , it’s simply Home screen + power button lightly.

use other phone to capture it

report him

@arrow143 what type of device are you using? We can tell you the exact method to capture a screenshot as soon as we know this information. A lot of devices are different for how you take a screen shot, therefore knowing your specific device will greatly help with your frustration. For a majority of devices, you simply need to hold the power button and then tap the home button. if you have the sound on, then you should hear a sound similar to when you take a picture (shutter sound) and it should take the shot immediately when you do it. Then simply go to your photos and look at the screen shot you took afterwards. Practicing helps a lot.


yes it does but you have to keep pressing for 4 seconds its available in android 5 or later

4 seconds isn’t that bad. Also I thought it was less.

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forgot to print the pet, its a plagued w perseveranse n some other stuffs

Report here: regardless, good thing you reported.


:confused: low level eternal gear.

thank you for capturing it… that the wiz i have encountered…

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I cant also defeat that user. Lol

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Report it there a link in another post here.

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Доброго времени суток.Не могли бы Вы подсказать pve сборку для 7000+ этажей ? А то уже всю голову сломал себе.Играю за мага.Добрался до 6894 этажа , а дальше герой просто падает.Буду признателен за помощь.

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