Having free time


Just looking around~ does anyone know me? :slight_smile:


Selamat Petang @cronos4321 it has been a long time my friend. Nice to see you checking in. Are you going to have enough free time to get back into DQ??


already reinstall the game tho… i need to recollect all the info back just in case if there are some change that i didn’t know yet…


i also don’t know man… who i am? if u know please tell. :tired_face:


welcome back. I have read a lot of your old posts and learned a lot. hope to learn some more.


nuuuu~ i have to learn from you senpai… been long away from DQ… loose my touch :frowning:


I have read some of your earliest posts, and know that you have gone from Student to Teacher, are now a Student again on your way to Teacher. you are a fast learner, so I am sure you will go from Kouhai to Senpai in no time.

I think you stopped playing a lot before 3.0 came out? and earlier this year and over the summer, there has been a lot of changes in the Battle Arena, mostly because of Posts written by @Mr_Scooty Sensei.


yea @Mr_Scooty are really great player and crafter.
cant wait to wreck some havoc in arena. muhehehehe first thing first… farming… :sleepy:


Thanks @cronos4321. It will not take you long. :eye::eye:

I have thrown some 3.0 crafts on the forum plus other aides and assists.

A big change to 3.0 is introduction of Dust (see my image below). Hachimon is still a good build for the floors you farm.