Having trouble staying alive

I am having trouble staying alive can some one point me in the right direction I need to go.

Not an expert on rogues, but I believe they highly depend on dodge.

On that note, you could look around guides section for rogue builds.

Max dexterity. Then max block and dodge. Change all equipments nature’s to evasion

Change all you’re talents for chackram build if you’re a chackram build i notice you talents in different types no specific build


I had the same problem to, but all u need to do is increase ur dam reduction with armour/resist/dodge/block and make sure u have some sort of crowd control like paralysis or freeze preferably on a gun with ricochet as its the best wep to mass freeze big groups, chakram works to but since u have to wait for it to come off cool down after use makes it very unpredictable.

Do I increase my block by adding affixes?

any class can add 15% Block on OH weapon, 45% with Obsidian. Warrior has Block on a few items that are not OH, but those are from drops, and might rarely drop as Crystal items. a Warrior with Shield has a base 10% Block instead of 10% Dodge. any Warrior items with Block can be Jaspered to other classes. an Eternal item could have 30% Block on it.

I have given a good number of items you can get Block affix in the link below. Also, all players have Base 10% Dodge and 10% Critical Chance. Adding a shield to warrior gives 10% block + any block from your other gears and you will still have 10% Base dodge (Example Below - Level 1 Warrior with shield).

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when I first looked at Warrior with a Shield, it only showed Block in the Defense Stats, but that was a long time ago. it could be I just didn’t notice the Dodge. after seeing @Mr_Scooty post :arrow_up: earlier, I took a look at the Warrior again, and sure enough, with Shield, Warrior has 10% in Block and Dodge! :astonished:

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there are default stats for each character
examples are

1-shooting things is the best way to stay alive

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