HawkEye to train zoro. Be" strongest in DQ


Im at div2 1550 rat,
Maybe my ai affraid vs u ,so he play hide an seek :joy:


@brang @HawkEye: lol. hide and seek. i dont think so. i think it is part of strategy. to give thrill in your opponents. :joy_cat: i just dont like easy kill/easy fight though. no thrill. no entertainment. :joy: :rofl:



I hope my rogue like u, :rofl:


@brang yes. that if you can see my build.

but you cant. :rofl:


Hey how do you hide a build, is it automatically hidden when reaching eternal div?
Just curious thanks


Yes, once in eternal div it’s automatically hidden


Mate player are not active longer. now
Quiting in a long time’ I’m back again.
@HawkEye @kiane_zaine your the one
In only rouge,user. Hahaha my build need
Improve it. To get it up again always. See you there in arena. I’m new in this forum but i’m old player in a game wish i can get the top in long time. Done with a farm now.
I’ll Try to create a new latest build in rouge.
@kiane_zaine need your idea and you @HawkEye :smiley:


@MAGDALO ah yes. i’ve encountered your rogue several times. rogue user with pistol build? right? :eyes:




Thats Ability of zoro more power with you @HawkEye :wink: wish you stay your ability and more power again.


@kiane_zaine yeah pistol and immortal build use there. So you just share your build with ME’ and your technique.
Hehehehe. :blush::blush:


Hesitate your technique.