HDR build



My highest dmg prevented in round 1…obviosly it shows round 2 coz’ i clicked profile(bug plus one round)
That’s my round 1 stats…43.8k hp 409 pow
post your highest dmg prevented here…
Yes, I’m challengeing you.:sunglasses::wink::slight_smile:


Nice bro! hope to face you ai. but wala akong load ngayon. hahaha😂


I don’t make dmg prevented a thing on my build’s, i’m a bleed one trick :joy::joy::joy:! Dont matter if the enemy have very high dmg prevention, he cant survive to my warrior whyd out perseverance :grinning:, still whyd some round’s i oneshot hem whyd scalp, so dmg prevention is irrelevant to my eyes, of course is very important department on this meta but my play style give allows me to ignore dmg prevention :blush:!


ow really? what is your highest bleed dot DMG? I hope its more than I expect…


Here is some examples, is not my max, this is round 1 on dummy :neutral_face:

Whyd some rounds i oneshot HDR builds…
Is alot less that you expected, but nobody is perfect :innocent:


Woow! its like :baby: vs :sunglasses:
This is my old fashioned build in my rouge. this build is not enough to kill an HDR. I think you need to ugrade your build if you want to say that your bleed type is enough to stand an HDR build like us.


if you want. feel free to ask me. let me help you to upgrade your build. If that is its okay to you?:slight_smile:


Wow… that damage :persevere:


Well i was on mythic doing some test but i go to div1 eternal just to see what you are talking about…

Like I thought, my build can really kill some immo in round 1, some take a few rounds, but this build is more focus on regen, i regen more than some immo, and im focus on make survivability on to my builds, no dmg prevention, just regen really, is something that my builds dont have it before :slightly_smiling_face:, i very thankful for your offer but i dont need it for this build tipe, maybe in the future friend :wink:!


I’m not type of a bla bla person. just do it if you want. all I want to do is to upgrade and make your build stronger than that. BTW its okay to me if you don’t need my help. Hope to face your ai. Puro ka chitchat.:joy: qiqil moh szi aquoh.:joy::joy:


Whoaah.,a clash between warrior and bleed user.,.if only jonees.ph was not frustrated for his banned its so nice to see you guyz battling at the arena.,btw @ZOMBOY kindly tell mr scooty im not blaming him for my banned.,it is vry clear to see that he has nothing to do with it.,.,hoping that he climb at the leaderboards once more.its been a long time since his stats stopmoving.,


He can see your post, and he can see what that you dont blame hem :+1:!


Home sweat home :slightly_smiling_face:

I’m not going up there any time soon know!
Is to difficult :upside_down_face:!


@ZOMBOY I’m div 3 mythics 2v2. I am expecting to geternal higher. 2v2 is very challenging because one of you characters is ai


Whyd what i give to you, you will not get to many problems for know :wink:!


You have given me ideas which I will have to study hard and then bring into play


I look forward to see them in action!


Me too :slight_smile: