Healing affix

Minimum dmg(build) that can kill legendary, (possible mythic too)bosses with healing affix(with atleast 0.3) at around 2000+ levels.
(No frozen build)
(With or without hireling)
Help me please, i really want to beat healing bosses.


You can just avoid the healing affix by applying Larimar (crystal) to roll the affixes of the map if you had hard time killing healing mobs.

You can also use burst build that uses Frozen and Crushing Flames to lure them and kill them, you just need to lure small mobs and powerful mobs together. Without Frozen and Crushing Flames set, it would be impossible to kill higher floor powerful mobs.


Unless you reached the floor where crushing blow dmg becomes infb.


Im just sad.
I can kill epic with healing even with 0.5
And with no frozen, but the moment legendary boss appear with healing, its always a lose for me, tbh i hate frozen, hate the 1 shot killing, i kinda like a lil brawl and mashed up there when playing. Dying is ok as long as its fun, but this legendary healing really is a splinter in my play time.
And in using 2 demonic btw, 1 for main and 1 for hireling

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A few things because i like what your saying :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
#1 crushing blow, i suggest a main character that just walks around with crushing flames (6), clearing all the trash mobs. Another thing to note is that this character should also have procs to maximize its hits per second upon such strong enemies to maximize crushing blow procs. 70% should be fine :wink:

#2 the hireling, this should purely be a One Hit One Kill kind of character (shadows may indeed be useful, if you choose this route, consider a mage) remember to use things like execution damage as this is easy and powerful damage boosts. Demonic works best on this character for this reason, also note that it doesnt stack from multiple sources.

#3 healing reduction, again demonic as it also provides this effect, but gladiator from your trophie does work in pve so you can reduce some healing there too (bloodless victory is my choice).

As for survival… Good luck. Its very difficult to survive with builds that have no cc or fast killing potential as even with max block and max dodge as it just isnt enough as ~1/10 attacks will hit you and 30 seconds on sanctuary is actually quite a long time.

Maybe an immortal rogue/warrior for main with an AoE, with a hireling that has at least mediocre survival (45% block, 60/69% dodge is extreamly easy to obtain with 2 crystal affixes)

  • I choose warrior for main character as epiphany (7) would mean more crushing blow chance and warriors have skills such as whirlwind amd kinghts charge that are 1 second between cast (perfect for procs) and have ~8 hits per second

I tried different builds mostly on rogue and wizard.
I did a rogue with atleast 30mil-70m min, max
With atleast 60-70 percent copy of hacks build just to kill this legendaries but no avail.
I tried a wizard hireling with high hit frequency along with orb with 40 and skullskullshield with 40 without jeopardizing 1012 luck and 350 item drop(im bit proud of that) and the skull shield has atleast 2.5-2-7 billion on minimun dmg, i forgot how many crits thou.

A factor also is the map im rerolling, usually trying healing affixes, accompanies with immunes and high resist probably, when i try to roll 0.5 healing :joy:

thanks man, i was able to build a solo mage gear with poison sets for 0.5 healing mythic monster. I even put 4 item drop and 225% luck but the build works. Good ideas man.