I told a friend about this build
But he said me that doesnt work
What is the problem?
Max dmg to mobs are <30k even floor 100IMG_20200509_194326 IMG_20200509_194301 IMG_20200509_194239 IMG_20200509_194216 IMG_20200509_194156 IMG_20200509_194142

This would work but you want a build that can farm higher floors and that is not gonna do enough damage. This would probably be better off as a hireling. In the build, there should be something that causes it to do a lot more damage then it would work as a main.

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Yep, replace battle mage with crushing flames dude, and put some crushing blow. Poof, you can kill everybod now

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Crushing flames and some damage for bosses is enough

Add an epic WD+5000 to your main hand weapon, that will increase your damage

Thanks to everybody

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Have Hand of Epiphany but with the 200% WD. Don’t remove it basically, even better than the 5000 WD suggestion. Least long term. If you can stomach crafting that again.

Also i’d drop that many Legend move speeds since the cap of them is 50%. I know move speed can go to 100% with skills but the on gear move speed is 50% (or 62.5% with epiphany in this case). You can keep the eternal move speed though if you want the eternal head. At least the one on the gauntlet remove.

Why have you chosen battlemage? Wizard warrior movement farm type? Interesting. Whats the aoe range for? Perhaps that affect pickup radius? Though i’d remove a few for dmg. You could add 50% glasscannon.
Get the Nadroji bonus chesplate but not remove 100% ED.
There is a way to get orb with 100% ED , warrior shield convert to Orb with Elements set for e.g.
Adventurer+ Momentum for dmg potential.

For talent, swap wizardry for Amplify 20, keep sorcery if you using dot or swap to focus, change diffusion to Magnify. Can free up a couple epic affix you added magnify to.

Drop Ignore resist for 90% weaken if possible , add ascendant set maybe. But momentum+adventurer would work as well. This is just a farm build right?

Mythic: could add sanctury or empyrean to ring. Cosmicorb for mh weapon as option. A free slot anywhere you could use resource Mythic like Energy for e.g.

Edit: Crushing flames was another suggestion I saw. With crushing blow.
Sorry if this is tldr. Looks like you crafted some with dust or earned those item as well.


Yeah, its working
Move speed is not necesary i think so
Now is killing mobs quickly
Thank u

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If you copy the Wizard 3.0 with rogue hireling,you need the BUILD for rogue too.

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