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How can i get epiphany on my rouge?

As far as simply acquiring the items, simply farm past floor 600 on at least epic difficulty. Amethysts CANNOT be used to get epiphany affix, so please do not waste them trying. Once acquired, Jasper gemstones change the items to be usable by a different class.

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Bro, do you know about this pink colored stat?

It’s specific to the seven deadly sins (SDS) set. Basically, SDS has a ton of pretty powerful set affixes depending on how many of them you have equipped, but each piece also has a negative affix to balance them out. There isn’t any way to remove them, otherwise it would be kinda pointless. I’ve never done a build with them, but I know some people really like them. Basically only use them of you have enough of them that you think the good set affixes balance out the negatives.


Epiphany is a Set affix on Wizard Items. in addition to farming for them like vvyvern said, you can use Dust to unlock/purchase them in the Wizard LegendEx, and then use Jasper to change it to Rogue Class.

you get Dust from spending Gold to convert Legend+ Items into Dust.

the Seven Deadly Sin Items are best used for Farming. they are the only Set affix Items that do really bad with other Set affix Items.

because of the way affixes work in PVP, Seven Deadly Sins can do well in early and mid game PVP battles. and you can take a few 7DS set affixes off and replace them with other Sets. if you have all seven 7DS Items in PVP, you can take 3 of the 7DS affix off and use the space for other affixes.

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Bro, can you help me build a good crusing flame build. TIA :blush::heart:

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you don’t need the Epic Crushing Blow, you have over +55% with the Crystal CB’s.

if you don’t want to use Crushing Flames Bonus, better to have a different Chest and use Amethyst to put CF on it.

one more Crit chance and a few more Deadly Strike for more Damage & DPS. if you have a bunch of Death Natures, then place one of the affixes I mention later on the build. if your Crit chance and Deadly Strike are both low, your Brutal Mythic will feel weak

if you have space, either one Blistering or +10% Bleed.

you need one +15% Immolate or one +30% Elemental Critical.

if your Power Stat is 60 or higher, you should have at least one Item with +100% Fire, or use a +20% Fire until you can find an Item with +100% Fire that fits your Build.

hope this helps.

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Was gonna get mutiny with fire damage affix. Gotta fix my build. Thnx a lot bro.

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Bro, can i reroll blistering with ruby?


hope this helps with future builds.

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