Hello, how are you

I would like to see how everyone is doing

Im fine

Doing what?

Just the same old same old.

Still farming

Doing same old. Doing farming , thinking up crazy or unique build concepts, discussions , being in this forum a lot whenever i can, testing the test patch like a DQTester and Collecting every possible eternal, legends, crystal legends and possibly eternal legends with crystal Affixes.

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Hi, I’m still me. BIGBIRD

That’s good

How are you doing as in is your day good?

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That’s great

I hope you get what your looking for

Well im glad you help the community

That’s good big bird :slight_smile:

yeah, how about you?

Im doing pretty great


Im doing great because im been playing some dq lately just trying to get my wizard to 99

not that good, but still making it thru the day thanks to this game :smiley:

This game is fun and with many build options.

its fun to play when you have a goal