Hello I could use some help

I’m trying to find a hiking build for my main (rogue) hiriling (wizard) I have allllot of crystals but I’m only at 270 I’ve been farming and converting crystals for a while so I’m just looking for something that I can really build and then take far. Here is my rogue so far

Also is it cool to use two rogues (one as hirling and one as main) if so please let me know

I think its cool to have those two farm together but its ugly to have your hireling have the same class as your main. Try wizard

Im enjoing 75% dodge and block with 5 epi set + 60 miss when i have mirror imgs up + sank rest is just dmg.

I didnt die once after i went it.

Holy shit your gold lul…

I wonder how these guys get huge amount of gold without even knowing how useful a set affix is…:open_mouth:

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There is a glitch on modded DQ that may cause you get that amount of gold.
That value is exactly the max positive value of an integer variable.

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Lol exactly… I thought using a mod is cheating lel

It is, but since this is an offline game, there is not too much to do about.

Whait using that glich cant get you banned? Can someone hook me up… and to think i donate for gold…

I used that glitch a very long time ago and I regret it lmao but I don’t do pvp so didn’t really think it mattered I don’t even use much gold expect for converting crystals

Any tips for a build that works for wiz, and rogue

Any tips for the builds or nah

Id like to get more dps and survivalability

I am currently using Ascendent,Electrocution,Frozen,Plagued,Momentum, Crushing flames, Masochism it can easily kill mobs until 3k floor :wink: @Zacwrem

You can’t be banned from playing offline.

Okay but what Affixes should I dump to get all those set affixes

Permafrost will not work if you dont have ice element in ur wepons. If you want raw dmge add momentum, demonic, or defiant to boost ur stat dmge.

U can use deadly arts for survivability. Just vault, 20 stealth and crowd control skills and attcks is enough for me to stay alive at 4k+ floor.

So to sum up I should get rid of what and add what just do I know we are on the same page and I just want to say thank you for your help :slight_smile: