Hello Perk


what is the best choice to perk ? (Sorry for my english )


Fortunate or Dealer as the first/second perk as it can greatly help in gold find and finding legends. Treasured is also great for finding eternals and hunter for epic enemies which give lots of exp and loot.

But even when other perks are really good , definitely dealer first .


Dealer, cause the gold you will get is so high
Fortunate is also great, but I think it’s a delay for millions of gold of you can get


it depends on what you think is important. I think Accomplished is a good choice, as it improves how fast you get Hero Points and Feat rewards. also, Hero Points help to improve your weapon damage, or increase other things, like HP/MP, finding loot with Fortune skill, and other skills. Fortunate is a good first choice because it gives you +200% gold find and luck. Enshrined is also a good first Perk. it increases the number of Shrines on your maps from 2 to 3, and their bonus is increased 300%. so a 25% boost to Luck would become 100% boost to Luck, or Experience, or Item drop. the only problem is, if you have 2 of the same shrine, they don’t stack. I think Dealer makes a better second or third Perk, because that’s when you really start needing the extra gold you get from selling your items (1,000% increase in gold from selling items).
I got my Perks in this order: Accomplished, Enshrined, Fortunate, Dealer, Treasured, and Hunter. now I think I should have done it like this: Accomplished, Fortunate, Dealer, Enshrined, Hunter, and Treasured.


dealer… first. always first. as many others have stated.


sorry, but for me, Dealer is better for 2nd or 3rd Perk. if you are doing a Hireling with your main, then Dealer would be a good first Perk for the Hireling. when I first started Ascending, gold wasn’t the highest priority. gold wasn’t really a problem until after I got my third Perk, when I knew I would need a lot of gold for the next 3 Perks. also, it was around the third Perk when I really started crafting my gear in a way that needed a lot of gold. Fortunate would be better, it is only a 200% boost to gold, but also a 200% boost to luck, which means more gold and better loot. Accomplished would be better too, as you would be getting Hero Points faster, which means you could put points into the Fortune Perk. at 20, that is plus 50% to luck, gold find, and item drop rate. not to mention being able to put Hero Points into which ever weapon you are using, which helps to kill the monsters that drop the gold and loot. also, the rewards you get from completing the feats are pretty good too, especially since you are getting them more often. the only time Dealer would be good for the first Perk for a main character is if you are creating another non farming hireling character, and need the gold for converting CS/MS to buff up your new character. I guess that if you plan on Ascending or leveling your character in a way that uses a lot of gold early on, then Dealer would be good for the first Perk. obviously, this is my opinion, based on how I play, and there are others who use Dealer early in the game for their style of play. I think the bottom line is, Dealer is a Perk that will be gotten at the time when gold starts to become important during game play. for some, that is in the early game, and for others, it is in the later game.
sure, I read the posts on this subject, but in the end, it comes down to the choices we all make as individual players.


dealer first. lol

each to their own, am i rite. o.0


If you are unsure of what perk should u get, dealer and fortunate are your go to. But if u are a rogue user u can skip those two. Just build buccaneer and satyr spirit. My style: (fortunate, treasured, dealer, accomplished, enshrined, hunter). In the end it is your choice depending on your style. Dealer cant go wrong as your first perk :wink:


before I picked my Perks, I thought real hard about it. and it helped that I was able to read what others have said on the subject. and you’re right, to each their own. when we Ascend with our first character, we choose what we want. even I changed my mind for my next character, because actually picking a Perk, and seeing how it affected my game play, helped me to see what is important to me, and I am sure it is the same for every one else. that’s what makes DQ so cool :sunglasses:, there are so many directions you can take to get where you want to go in the game. when it comes to choosing the first Perk, it is all about what is important to you in the early game.
Fortunate: 200% boost to gold found and luck. more gold and better loot.
Treasured: if you want to get Crystal or Eternal Legends early in the game, this is a big help.
Dealer: 1,000% boost to the gold you get when you sell your items. this one is all about the gold!
Accomplished: reduces the requirements to complete the Feats that give you Hero Points and the rewards that come with completing them by 25%. this is for those who like the idea of a lot of Hero Points to power up their Skills and getting those rewards a lot faster.
Enshrined: you go from 1 Shrine and Pool to 2 Shrines and a Pool. not only that, most of the Shrines increase their bonus 300%. so any Shrine that gives a 25% bonus is now giving a 100% bonus. (getting 2 of the same Shrines doesn’t give a double bonus, like if you got 2 Experience Shrines, you don’t get 200% experience bonus, just 100%)
Hunter: this spawns 1-3 Epic Shrine Guardians at each Shrine when you activate that Shrine. the Monster Shrine is 2-4 Guardians. Epic monsters are tougher to beat, but you get more and better loot, and if you are Ascending, more experience than Normal monsters.
the Codex explains what the Perk bonus do, and the Forums have a lot of discussions about which order is best to put them in, but only you, the player, can choose which is best for you.


I don’t know how gold isn’t an issue before ascensions, cause it drops so poorly without right equips.
This game is all about the gold you get:
Gold = Convert Crystals/Mythstones/Legends/Eternals = Better Crystals/Mythstones = Better Crafting/Equips = More Damage/Farm/Drop = Get Farm/Drop Faster = Gold


Indeed. That’s why dealer is so helpful and hirlings too. In early game , its not like you get maxed out farm affixes anyway when it comes to ascensions also.




Dealer first. Getting up past 10+ Million gold becomes leagues easier with it


@luisfsk, your post is correct. when I first started playing DQ, I was just messing around and having fun. most of the gold I spent was on Vanities and getting stuff from the shop. all the stuff in your post wasn’t even on my mind. when 3.0 came out, that was when I started to pay attention to the importance of gold in the game, because of the gold needed for making Dust. when I started my Ascension, I decided to focus on getting experience first. gold (farming) and damage (fighting) were only important if it helped me get experience faster. I have all 6 Perks now, and my current farm build is helping me get lots of gold (need it for all the things @luisfsk mentioned in the post earlier). I think I must be stubborn, because a part of me keeps wanting to say Dealer isn’t a good first Perk, but I know that if a person plans on using a lot of gold while ascending, then Dealer would make a perfect first Perk.


I am trying a combo to open green maps. With that i created a 2 warrior path: the first never open red/green maps, with that, i dont need 2 perks: acomplished and enshrined. But both are “must have” on second warrior. this second warrior is my red/green map killer. I use: warrior 1: -no hunter -no enshrined -no acomplished---- i never open red/green with him. warrior 2- no hunter -no dealer for 100% farm chance against red/green… i open shrine with hunter ring.


I think you only get the Legend Maps from completing the Cartographer and Map Feats. if you have some kind of Eternalized Farming Build, that will increase the chances of the Legend Map drops to be Eternal. the Accomplished Perk reduces the requirements to finish the Feats by 25%, rounded up (with a +5 pick up radius) so you can get the Legend Maps more often by completing the Feats faster. you can complete those 2 feats even faster by only doing Challenge Maps, as there is a Cartographer in each map that will drop a Challenge Map, so each Challenge Map helps you complete both Feats at the same time. 100 (75 with Accomplished) Cartographers and 25 (19 with Accomplished) Maps will complete each Feat.


Legend maps from cartographer and map feats. If you have fortunate perk or eternalized set then any legend map can become eternal. Same with pets hope this is useful