Atm I have a level 41 wizard but it’s get boring so I plan to delete it. So anyone want reccomend a high dmg/dps class that can destory

The wizard is the class your looking for if you want easy damage.

Well I said yolo and reset the wizard. What class takes the most skill/hardest to build

That’s debatable, but Rogue, in my opinion.

rouge :smiley:

Indeed. Maybe warrior but warrior is stiil a decent class. Rogue maybe because of the way their talent tree setup, the skill and how they work and more. Still, with enough effort, powerful rogue build have been made for a harder class.

Wizard is probably the best one to start off maybe because of their AoE skill, many generic useful talent or unique ones like increase WD% (warrior has talent that increase ED%), the sorcery making the element more effective, prismatic to help combat enemies well unless you have Ascendant , empower to really boost your DPS output and lots of decent summon talents which I guess makes wizards a nice starting off class.
Of course warrior is also a cool class to start off with because of block %, their great talents based on bleed, defense, regen , their powerful skills and also lots of move speed useful for momentum and clear faster at map. Rogue is still quite a good one even if it’s harder to use.

Wizard is great for starters :wink::blush::blush:

I agree. That’s why I enjoyed wizard as a first class. Reactor and orb or Aftermath with Meteor or manashield combos and many wizard skills being very good too or have high potential of being good.

Speaking of which, I may try a build using the pierce skill from sword which can deal crazy dmg which is a ghost build for now but I can try and make it possible given enough time and thinking. The other skills like storm, twister, orb, meteor and summon skills are quite cool. Also the fact that summons are there are also very newbie friendly.

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