I just want to say that AU is not cheater.
You know what?
1: I’m one of the founder of AU. I know what’s going on and what we are doing. Ask me anything.
2: I kicked those cheaters from AU and if you see an AU in eternal league below div2, those are former members.
3: Why active AU players are not getting banned? Better ask yourself. AUzlef(me), Makarov_D, D_Messiah, Midoriya, Zoro, Brand X are only my members.
4: The number 1 cheater is Vietnam. Even my old Facebook account was hacked by one of em.
BTW AU means Adventurers United.
I think Zaraki is one of the AU haters.(based on his previos replies mentioning AU and someone told me so)


They hate us because AU (adventures united) is the top player in experience leaderboard even without playing pve and you cant find any of us in legends found section its called magic - former AU here.


@auzlef011 nice post. if someone has a problem with another in the Forums, just flag it and let a Mod or Dev deal with it. smak talk/talking smak (did I say that right?) only frustrates every one and doesn’t fix the problem. one problem is, if one person talks smak, someone else does to, and it just gets worse. the Forums are about having fun with DQ, not starting a riot in the Forums. (figuratively speaking)
I didn’t know anything about AU before this post, now I have a better understanding of what is going on and what AU is all about. thanks for sharing.
@Tomhatek I, personally, don’t hate anyone at the top of the leader boards. I just see you all as a goal to pass up and leave in the dust as I take the top spot :slight_smile:. of course, I have a lot of hard word ahead of me, but a goal is a goal. wow, the top of the leader boards looks so far away. :telescope:


Yea. Thanks for that post my bro!:grinning: I hope they understand now… :cry:


best of luck climbing the leaderboard


Welll said.


I’m in the top 100 on a 2 or 3 of them, last time I checked, so it will be a tough battle to move up faster than other players who are working their way up the leader boards at the same time.



bwahahahahaha!!! I don’t feel enraged! I feel challenged!


hehe we play pve most of the time


But not for pve leaderboards…Just for looting and building purposes.


to be honest, looking at the Leader Boards, it occurred to me that I would have to make special PVE Leader Board Builds to move up faster in some of them. I doubt I would make it to the top for most of them, but top 50+ would put a warm egotistical glow of glee in my cold leader boarding heart. I actually have a build in mind to Ascend my other Characters that would make a good PVE LBB while Ascending and after I am done. the tricky part is getting it out of my head and into the Dungeon. used a bunch of Crystals on a Pet. :sob: