Hellp PET

I’m not able to roulette to win the TimeWarp affixes on PET Fetch, with topaz

@MarcosXD you can use Sapphire instead? :smile:

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there it will be a while to come

use Angelite to make all affixes on your pet Epic (Orange), except for the Set affix. then use Larimar to change all affixes at the same time until one of them is TimeWarp. then use Angelite again until you get the other affixes you want. this is the cheapest way to get the hard to get affixes you want on Pets, like the Talent and Skill affixes.

I read about this in a few other posts, and have tried it, but I am unlucky with it so far. but the person who posted it said they got the affix they wanted, but it took a lot of Crystals.

what I usually do is use Angelite until all affixes on Pet are Epic, then Saphire to get the affixes I want, Topaz when I run out of Saphire, and then Angelite again when I run out of Topaz. if I run out of Angelite, then I go back to farming for Crystals again and repeat until I have the affixes I want.

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you are right @Golem, it’s needs more crytals to have that affix that you want…

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I get deliriously happy when I get the affix I want with the first roll or five, but I can’t help but be that happy when, at other times, I spend :100:s & thousands of Crystals trying to get an affix, run out of Crystals, farm for more Crystals, then spend :100:'s & :thousands of Crystals again, and hopefully, I finally get that elusive affix. :microscope: :mag: :telescope: