Help 46/60 on setup

Ok im using 3 gadget to play DQ (changing phone while charging the other one; Upload save>Download save>Clear data method) and i notice this “Application Set Up” its always stuck on 46/62, i tried waiting for it and it took me about 1hour and still at 46/62, the question is, is this normal?

What device model is giving you the issue?

The photo attached was from my Starmobile LIKE (jellybean; local brand; im using this most of the time), the other two was Asus Tablet (jellybean) and Samsung Galaxy Ace Plus (gingerbread) same issue. But Even if its 46/62 i can still play after i force close and reopen the game, but i mightve missing some ingame data because of this (less game data= less legendary pets/items to farm?) thats why i ask this.

And it does this on all three devices? That is very odd. Some devices take a very long time (45 + minutes) to load but that is only one time not each time

Yes it happened to all three devices (yes its weird) so I doubled check earlier on my asus tablet (reinstalling) and application start up was success this time (62/62). For my Samsung galaxy ace plus i decided to uninstall it permanently. And for my Local brand Starmobile Like its still stuck on 46/62 after reinstalling (including the new patch 1.7), well i think it has to do with my local brand’s RAM. Thanks for the time anyway.

Yeah…sorry about thAt it can be very hard for us to test on massive amounts of devices. You can skip that step like you said but you may get some hitching/lagging during game play.