Help about certain IG ACRONYMS! Newbie Here :[[


Well I started playing this game just 3 days ago because I saw my bestfriend playing and spending his time with this… so I think it would be good if we both play this game… I was really amazed about its graphics and its game play… So I invested yesterday on additional slot for hireling and the demon & Angel Packs to make my characters so cute :3

But the Things is there’s a lot of things still I didn’t know yet like what does certain acroynms stands for like “MS, OH, DoT” I was reading carefully their meaning when I click the item but still I do not get what they actually stands for… I’m really confused pls help me :frowning:

Secondly, I’m reading some build for my Wiz and Warrior and I notice some words like “Jaspered”?? what does it mean >,<

Yesterday I got gems that says that it can change the talent of my items… and I was like… Talent!? what does it mean again urghhhh… I keep searching and searching but still I can’t find a proper answers to my question pls reply ASAP!! I really need help thanks :smile:


Actually, if you use your Codex you can find a lot of helpful info in the dictionary. Acronyms like MS which means Movespeed, OH for Off-hand weapon, DOT for damage over time, and a lot more are there. Also, by reading the entries on the dictionary, you can also gain experience points for your Heroic Level. Hope this one helps! :smiley:


Read and understand the dictionary
OH means Off Hand the second weapon u usually use

Jaspere is a crystal

see griffin symmestry you will know lot of information


Well we’re happy that you have joined the Dungeon Forum’s.I’ve actually just recently joined myself alot of people have helped me just ask and we will answer.May your DQ journey be amazing :slight_smile:
DOT=Damage over Time
OH=Off hand
MS=I have no clue :slight_smile:
Jaspered is a crystal that you can use on your weapons. Talent is something that i have no clue what it is :slight_smile:
And If you ever need help with something else just PM me.


Since your a newie here i give you some tips
Sets affix are the color green affix in your item
Find the “PLAUGED” set affix and use CALCiTE(lowest crystal) change your all gear element to poison element then farm hard keep lot of crystal this is the very important thing u will use to craft a powerful item u need thousand of crystal to experiment crafting


You can change your talent by using a crystal citrine


Take some time and review the information in the link below. @Skaul did an outstanding job pulling this information together.


Thank you so much :smiley: unlike my other game forums… this forum is quick responding :slight_smile: thank you again guys ^^


also codex at the main game check it out :smile:


Jaspered = Jasper is a crystal that can change the class item. ex if you have a good item and only mage can wear it, use jasper to change class to warrior/rouge.


Armor, helm, ring and amulet they have different talents for each class (warrior,mage,rouge) , which are very powerful if you know combine


yes jasper can change class