Help Ai at pve

max your main skill and match element

No sir i mean the frequency and starting yards can you please help me ? Thanks sir for helping can’t reply is has limited reply in this forums -_- its takes 10hours to reply

First of all, don’t put any of the skills to cast very often as you’d be a sitting duck.

Put orb at cast normally, 30 yards. Also chakram at 30 yards and normally if you use that to proc.

Vault at use sometimes or normally and at 15 or so yards.

Scalp at 30 yards and use normally or often.

Hope this helps.

Also run away from enemy at 30 yards as well as follow teammate at 30 yards.

Orb use normally as it is 2 sec cooldown since you’re basically using the Will of the Force build I’m using.

I mean they aren’t the best settings but I have won 3 away chest the first time and occasionally 1 away chest every 2 days.

30 yards is the middle of the arena. Casting from 90 yards is being a sitting duck at the very start of the arena if you cast often and 1 yard is like all the way to the end of the arena.

Casting often or very often is more suited to skills like aftermath like the clogon AI and other rapidly moving dangerous AI.

Cast normally just makes AI act almost like regular player but slightly different at same time. Cast sometimes is cast occasionally like using chakram for proc usage. Very rarely is like hardly use in the 30 seconds but used once. Cast often means very often cast that skill and that’s more than normally which is faster than human speed of clicking skills or other reasons.

I’m not an expert at AI but I’m glad I’m starting to understand AI. P.S I suck at AI but getting there :stuck_out_tongue: . These settings I can definitely say are at least good enough for rogue Discordance orb build. I did some testing to make sure.

These are PvP settings btw.


Cool it’s working verry well sir im glad that the expert here in dq is humble and willing to help other player . i cant tested in at IA normal cause when orb is casting the IA easily die at 2 or 3 seconds but im ill set the for good .

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