[help] build for rogue

hello i before started a thread about overall and peoples told me about rogue with pistol , i want to made a bow user but i dont know how to made this character to good play , i mean for which affixes looking and which offhand will be the best for bow user. If anyone could make a bow user build for me i will be really hapy :smile: thanks

This post and your previous post, has been about making the best build, but honestly, that is far down the line. Learn to walk before you can run :wink: This is not disrespecting you in any way, just a little friendly advice.

Concentrate on having fun playing the game, explore all 3 races, learn their strengths and weaknesses and limitations.
Use all combinations of weapons and off hands and see which you prefer.

100 different players could give you 100 different “perfect builds”, and until you have experienced them for yourself, why rely on a cookie cutter build, when you could make your very own unique build.

Get a character to level 99 and build up some resources, because believe me, you are going to need them. All the builds suggested, will take millions if not billions of gold, and huge amounts of MS and CS. In fact, get a character to level 99, delete it and start all over again, using your knowledge from the previous one to make V2 even better, do this several times :open_mouth:

Read the forum, use the search function, read the wiki, put in the research. Do your own research, by using each of the items you pick up, trial and error is far better than just taking someone else’s word.

One thing to remember, Dungeon Quest is still in its infancy, so things can change from one patch to the next, what is an awesome build one week, can soon become null and void the following week.

The biggest advice I can give you, is just to play the game, play it, eat, sleep and breathe it, and most of all have fun doing it. Explore every single aspect of the game for yourself. When you have done this, and have the resources, then its time to think about the greatest build in the world ever. You cant expect to be a new player, and become the biggest and the best within the first week :unamused:

Sorry if this was not the kind of post you was expecting :frowning:

no thats good it was really fun and nice in one post really thanks for it

ill try my best to be the best thanks for motivation

Too bad that CentraBPM is gone, he was main rogue, he could have help you :unamused:

where hes gone ? you mean from game ?

Well Idk :confused:

i thought he just deleted his first rouge and starting a new one… hope to hear from him soon… :cry: